The prequest to this quest is Hunt Crane

  • After completing Hunt Crane, go back to Chang'an and go into Longai Hotel. You will see two Masked Swordsmen. Talk to them
  • They will leave the hotel and go to the arena. When you walk towards them and a small cutscene will appear
  • Afterwards, go to the side of the building they were next to and click yes. You will jump ontop of the houses until you reach Wind Pathway
  • Here, go to the west corner and the Masked Swordsmen will appear and fight you
  • There are one of each element, no respawns, and they have 3500 hp
  • After you defeat the swordsmen, you will receive your prize

Full Quests:


  • 1% EXP Capsule and 1.5X EXP Potion
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