How To Obtain


Enter Oslya and make your way to the last cave. Before you do anything, go down to the little segment, there will be a nest. Grab the Dinosaur Egg-- you'll need it in return for Arez. Next, make your way back up to the top left hand corner enter way-- you'll come across a big line of Dinosaurs. There are about 10 or so lines of dinosaurs for you to go through. It gets harder as you go along. The first 5 or so are just the main stacks of dinosaurs spawning more dinosaurs. When you have completed that, you will come into another area, and come across BIG dinosaurs. These are lords with two little dinos, that won't spawn. When you're done, go through the portal to find the doctor telling you he'd be alone working on a Dinosaur project. He will ask for a dinosour egg in return for Arez.


Pet Skills

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