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Angela.jpg School Water
Special Equipment Angel Armlet
Special Equipment Stats: HP +350, Seal Resist +30%
Special Equipment Rank: 37
Special Equipment Description: Armlet of Angela eliminates 30% seal effects.
Skill 1 Thunder Beating
Skill 2 Holy Light
No description available.


  • Thunder Beating
    • SP: 57
    • Max Grade: 18
    • Attack Way: Distance
    • Description: releases a huge thunder
  • Holy Light
    • SP: 80
    • Max Grade: 12
    • Attack Way: Aid Skill
    • Description: heals the target by holy beam

How To Obtain

In order to get Angela you will need to have the Charlotte quest completed.

Items you will need for Angela's quest:

-A Space Craft

-A Manual Blender

-A Coconut Basin

-A Ladder

You will have to go to the moon using a Space Craft and talk to the Jade Rabbit there and give it the coconut basin. After that, Go back to Earth and then go to the moon again.This time, give the Jade Rabbit the Manual Blender. It will then give you a [Rabbit's Mashu]

Now go to Oslya, the 2nd cave from the left. There you will find a portal to a garden, where the jade rabbit and a old woman are waiting.

Talk to the rabbit and give him the Rabbit's Mashu. After that, walk to the next portal.

You will see angela in the lake, talk to her and go back to the tree, take her clothes using a laddder. After that, go to talk to her again. Choose the second option in the conversation, or she will do huge damage on you and you will get overkilled. After that, you will see a cutscene, and Angela will join your team.