What is pet Amity?

Amity, is the amount of "loyalty" a pet has to the player. The higher their Amity, the less likely they are to leave you. If your pet's Amity should go below 20, they will be more likely to run away and be unavailable for battle.

How do I increase my pet's Amity?

To increase the Amity of your pets, you can do any of a few things:

  1. Level your pet through battle. Leveling your pet will raise their Amity by 1 for each level.
  2. Buy a Bouquet from Yuna for 1 star in Welling Village. A bouquet will raise your pet's Amity by 6.
  3. Feed your pet Dark Chocolate. This will raise their Amity by 1. You receive 2 Dark Chocolates from the Save the Little Dog quest, and you can exchange 6 Lottery Tickets at Pleasure Island for 1.
  4. Depending on your pet, some cutscenes will give your pet amity.
  • For Xaolan:
  • For Niss:
  • For Roca:
  • Roca's Determination
  • (Niss must be found first) When you're about to go into Subway to South Island, Roca will want to see her father. After you finish this quest, and go to her father's grave, Roca will join up again with increased amity by 1.
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