• In Hanging Gardens, talk to Angeli (incorrectly referenced as Alice) at (X:2062, Y:2315). She has lost her puppet and suspects Qiqi has stolen it.
  • Find Qiqi who is at the very back-right of the village (X:3812, Y:315). You have to go around from the left-side to reach the back where he is.
  • Talk to him and you will agree to take the puppet and tell Angeli to play with him. Go back to Angeli with the puppet and talk to her.
  • The puppet turns out to be a monster, and attacks you.
  • Snake Enchantress (Lvl:100, HP:27510, Element: Water)
  • Snake (Lvl:150, HP:3000, Elements: All) (Each spawns 2 more Snakes)


  • 3% Exp Capsule
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